We are a team of IT professionals who help tech partners to:

  • Quickly build MVPs/startups
  • Design & develop complex data- and compute- intensive apps

How WE DO that:

  1. Analyze ⇒ design the architecture ⇒ break-down ⇒ estimate ⇒ prioritize ⇒ offer a plan
  2. Build the team of professionals
  3. Work in a disciplined and transparent way
  4. Leverage DevOps and CI/CD

Working with us YOU WILL:

  1. Quickly get first valuable results
  2. Save time & money on staff recruitment
  3. Get a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced developers
  4. Have direct communication with everybody
  5. Receive daily and monthly reports
  6. Use proven DEV & DevOps technologies, best practices, and expertise
  7. Reduce architecture design uncertainties and get a solution designed to scale

If you know tech founders or CxO who want to successfully build/grow tech startups into large information systems let me know. 👍