International Volunteer Day 2021

International Volunteer Day 2021

Today is International Volunteer Day!

Congratulations to all volunteers from all over the world!๐Ÿ‘‹ We make this world a better place. ๐Ÿ‘

I am volunteering for Project Management Institute and PMI Moscow since 2010. And I am sure that PMI is the best professional non-commercial organization in the world and it provides the best volunteering opportunities!

My main activities with PMI were:

  • Work at PMI Moscow board - mostly IT-related stuff and helping colleagues
  • Translation and translation validation of PMI standards, books and PMI exam questions
  • PMI exam development (the most mind-blowing tasks) and validation.

During this time, I have met many wonderful people. Colleagues from my country and many colleagues from other countries. And, comparing with other professionals I met during my lifetime, I can say with confidence that the volunteers are the most professional and most active.

I always learn a lot from our meetings (from how to drink tequila to how to manage the construction of a nuclear reactor). And I am always happy to actively participate and work together. ๐Ÿค

I tried to write down a list of activities I have participated in:

PMI Moscow board member

Vice President of Membership

(Mar 2013 โ€“ Mar 2017)

Vice President of Communications

(Mar 2017 โ€“ Mar 2020)

Vice President of Governance and Policy

(Mar 2020 โ€“ Present)


Standard for Portfolio Management v2

PMI Moscow (Mar 2010 - Feb 2011: Virtual)

Russian translation of The Standard for Portfolio Management v2.

Published in 2011.


PMI Moscow (Jan 2012 - Dec 2012: Virtual)

Russian translation of Project Manager Competency Development Framework, PMCDF v2.

Published in 2013.

Translation Validations


Project Management Institute (Jul 2012 - Jan 2014: Marseille / France, Virtual)

Validating Russian translation of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) 5th Edition.

Published in 2014.


Project Management Institute (Aug 2016 - Apr 2017: Frankfurt / Germany, Budapest / Hungary, Barcelona / Spain, Lisbon / Portugal)

Validating Russian translation of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) 6th Edition.

Published in 2016.

Agile Practice Guide

Project Management Institute (Jun 2017 โ€“ Mar 2018, Dublin / Ireland)

Validating Russian translation of Agile Practice Guide.

Published in 2018.

Standard for Program Management v4

Project Management Institute (Feb 2018 โ€“ Mar 2018, Lisbon / Portugal, Athens / Greece)

Validating Russian translation of The Standard for Program Management 4th Edition.

Published in 2018.

Integrating PM and SE

PMI Moscow (Mar 2020 - May 2020: Virtual)

Validating Russian translation of “Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering. Methods, Tools, and Organizational Systems for Improving Performance”, a book by Eric S. Rebentisch

Published in 2020.

Standard for Risk Management v2

Project Management Institute (Sep 2020, Oct 2021: Virtual)

Validating Russian translation of The Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs, and Projects.

Unpublished, yet.

Exam Translation Validation Workshops

Validating translation to Russian:

  • 19 - 20 Jul 2014 (London / UK)
  • 18 - 19 Jul 2015 (Brussels / Belgium)
  • 9 - 10 Dec 2017 (Zurich / Switzerland)
  • 20 - 22 Sep 2019 (Cartagena / Colombia)
  • 11 - 26 Jul 2020 (Virtual)

Exam Development

Writing and validating workshops:

  • 9 - 11 Mar 2018 (Dubai / UAE)
  • 21 - 23 Feb 2020 (Accra / Ghana)
  • 12 - 14 Mar 2021 (Virtual)
  • 14 - 16 May 2021 (Virtual)
  • 11 - 13 Jun 2021 (Virtual)
  • 16 - 23 Aug 2021 (Virtual)
  • 7 - 14 Sep 2021 (Virtual)

PMBOK 6 Russian team

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