Saxo Bank: Outrageous Predictions 2022

Saxo Bank: Outrageous Predictions 2022

Recently Saxo Bank published their outrageous predictions for 2022 (and beyond). I also watched the clarifications of chief investment officer, Steen Jacobsen. Very brave and honest! ๐Ÿ‘

Here’s my quick overview of the main points:

  • Governments do not have a clear plan for the transition to a green future. So, oil and gas still reign. Meanwhile, many billions will be buried in ESG hype.
  • Facebook is for oldies. TikTok (and/or other new social platforms) will kill it.
  • US faces with crisis: election, integrity, markets volatility, and declining dollar influence
  • 15% inflation in USD, and market expects higher rates soon
  • New episode of “Star Wars” is beginning with the latest hypersonic missile tests. Military tech will get huge dollar
  • Life expectancy extends by 25 years. This will pose new challenges for pension funds and tax systems, the environment, and many new ethical questions.

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