State of AI Report 2021

State of AI Report 2021

I just faced with the “State of AI ’2021” report and want to share it.

The authors are experts who analyze AI trends, make predictions, and invest(!) in AI. Last year, 5.5 out of 8 their predictions came true. The report has 188(!) pages.

What I can highlight briefly:

  • for data scientists & IT managers:
    • Transformers/LLMs expanded far beyond NLP, they will replace recurrent networks
    • JAX framework worth trying
  • for investors & founders:
    • AI-first is now everywhere: new researches in biology, skyrocketing new companies for IPOs and new markets
    • Semiconductor-related companies continue to accelerate and consolidate
    • AI influences politics: army, safety & regulations

Here is the link:

Hope you find it helpful. Have a great day!

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