Big Ideas 2021 by ARK invest

Big Ideas 2021 by ARK invest

I’ve just read recently published Big Ideas 2021 by ARK invest (these guys are investing billions of USD into disruptive tech companies) and want to share it.

I really recommend to download and overview their slides for everybody who works in high-tech (yes, they are probably over-optimistic because of their role, but it’s really worth to look at):

I am especially excited by what they call “Software 2.0” (deep learning). Here are their key trends - just for your convenience:

  1. Deep Learning
  2. The Re-Invention of the Data Center
  3. Virtual Worlds
  4. Digital Wallets
  5. Bitcoin’s Fundamentals
  6. Bitcoin: Preparing For Institutions
  7. Electric Vehicles (EVs)
  8. Automation
  9. Autonomous Ride-Hailing
  10. Delivery Drones
  11. Orbital Aerospace
  12. 3D Printing
  13. Long Read Sequencing
  14. Multi-Cancer Screening
  15. Cell and Gene Therapy: Generation 2

Hope you find it useful. Have a great week!

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