Communication Genius - Lesson 2 - Elevator pitch

Communication Genius - Lesson 2 - Elevator pitch

In January 2022, I started the Communication Genius course from one of the best public speaking coaches. Lesson 2 is full of simple but efficient instructions how to communicate quickly in a stressful situation (ELEVATOR PITCH). There are tips what to say and there are also some things which are better not to use in a quick conversation.

If you meet the boss, an important client or an investor in the elevator and you have only 40 seconds not to miss a chance. Elevator pitch helps you to make a person interested in your words and invite to continue the conversation later. You will be able to start a conversation even if a person is far away in his/her thoughts.

Lesson 2 discovers:

  • How important to call a person by the name?
  • How important is to introduce yourself in the beginning of a dialogue?
  • Empathy: is it necessary in a formal conversation or not?
  • What are the most powerful driving forces?
  • How will love, fear and ambitions help you in conversation with an important person?

Sharing my mind map:

Download full mind map (PDF)

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