Clean Architecture - PART IV - Component Principles

Clean Architecture - PART IV - Component Principles

The book club of our company has chosen a new wonderful book for reading:

Robert Martin - Clean Architecture - a Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design

Fourth part of the book is about principles of combining components into software systems.

This part is more interesting. It contains:

  • Overview of components history: Relocatability, Linkers
  • Three principles of Component Cohesion
    • REP: The Reuse/Release Equivalence Principle
    • CCP: The Common Closure Principle
    • CRP: The Common Reuse Principle
  • Three principles of Components Coupling
    • ADP: The Acyclic Dependencies Principle
    • SDP: The Stable Dependencies Principle
    • SAP: The Stable Abstractions Principle

I especially enjoyed this chapter because of presented metrics that could be used to measure(!) good software design (more precisely, how do you follow some design principles)

Here’s my structured overview of this part of the book:

PART IV - Component Principles

Download full mind map (PDF)

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