Clean Architecture - PART V - Architecture

Clean Architecture - PART V - Architecture

The book club of our company has chosen a new wonderful book for reading:

Robert Martin - Clean Architecture - a Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design


Fifth part of the book contains A LOT of useful information:

What is software architecture? What type of interdependencies can exist? How to draw borderlines between components? What type of borders exist? How to distribute policies by the levels? What are business rules, entities and use cases? What architecture can and should “scream”? Description of Clean Architecture.

And then more examples of how to use Clean Architecture. Presenters and Humble Objects. Weaken borders to partial borders. Layers and Boundaries in real life. The Main component. How Services are related to Architecture. Testability of the Architecture. How to apply Clean Architecture to Embedded Systems.

Part V - Architecture

Download full mind map (PDF)

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